Discovering the Natural Wonders and Quirky Charm of the Cornhusker State

A Traveler's Guide to Exploring the Raw Beauty of Nebraska

The Cornhusker State of Nebraska may not be the first destination that jumps to mind when planning vacations, but hidden among its rolling plains and picturesque badlands are gems just waiting to be unearthed. While Nebraska won't overwhelm you with flashy attractions, its genuine hospitality and slow pace of life provide the perfect contrast for those seeking to relax and recharge. This traveler's guide will give you an insider's preview of the best places, activities, and practical tips for exploring the natural beauty and cultural highlights of Nebraska.

Top Cities and Regions to Visit



As the largest city in Nebraska, Omaha serves as a major metropolitan hub located right along the Missouri River. Spend a day at the world-renowned Henry Doorly Zoo, check out the old-world architecture of historic Downtown, or explore creative hotspots like the Old Market district. Be sure to grab a slice of Omaha's famous Runza - a snack embraced by locals as much as a cheesesteak is in Philly.



Nebraska's capital city is a cultural oasis amid the plains. Stroll the expansive campus of the University of Nebraska, gaze up at the soaring spires of the Nebraska State Capitol building, and marvel at the quirky street art dotting the neighborhood alleys. Lincoln also has a flourishing food scene fueled by its diverse immigrant communities - say hi to the nice folks at the Mediterranean-style Café Aladdin for me!



Rolling dunes as far as the eye can see make up this truly unique landscape covered in grasslands. Drive along scenic Highway 2 for incredible vistas of the sand, or book an off-roading tour through places like Behind the Pine Ridge or Sunny Forest Ranch to get up close with the wonders of the Sandhills. And who knows, you might even spot some of the wild mustangs that call this place home.


Pine Ridge

If badlands are more your style, head to the rugged Pine Ridge escarpment in northwest Nebraska. Hike lengthy trails like the Penn Portage Loop or drive scenic byways like the Miracle Mile to see sheer rock walls and eerie patterns eroded over eons. For those seeking adventure, book an off-road tour through a company like Overlanding Outpost to experience the area from a different perspective.

Things to Do

Visit a State Park

With over 50 state parks scattered across its landscape, Nebraska is a nature-lover's paradise. Favorites include Chadron, Platte River, and Indian Cave, offering hiking trails, campsites, fishing spots and more. Many even offer lodging facilities if you want to spend the night under the stars. Be sure to check BitBook for park lodging bookings that could earn you crypto rewards!

Go on a Brewery Tour

As the craft beer scene has boomed, Nebraska now has great local beers to sample. Plan a tour stopping at breweries in Omaha like Infusion or IPDL, or smaller town favorites like Zipline in Gretna or Blue Blood in Lincoln. Ask the friendly staff about upcoming festivals too. Don't forget to grab a tasty pizza slice to soak up the suds!

Explore a Quirky Museum

From the quirky to the quizzical, Nebraska's eclectic museums make for fun stops. Check out oddities at places like the Strategic Air and Space Museum, learn about weird con artist schemes at the Museum of Scoundrels, or see what everyday life was like on a 1880s farm at Mahoney State Park Pioneer Village.

Tips for Traveling Nebraska

  • Visit in late spring or early fall for pleasant weather without intense summer heat or winter chill.
  • Pack comfortable walking shoes as Nebraska has many nature trails perfect for exploring. Don't forget sunscreen for exposed plains!
  • Take a scenic detour along Highway 2 or Highway 26/83 for stellar countryside vistas. You never know what curiosities you may discover.
  • Ask locals for the best hole-in-the-wall diners and mom & pop shops to experience true Nebraska charm.
  • Book lodging on BitBook for a chance at crypto rewards simply for spending the night. The perfect incentive!

With wide-open spaces, charming small towns and adventurous regional activities, Nebraska has a character all its own just waiting to be savored. Scroll through BitBook today and start planning your Heartland escape!

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