Best places in Croatia and Montenegro

Some years ago we went on a bro-Trip in Croatia/Montenegro five 5 mates... I didn't know at all this country, this region, but I'll keep in mind some great memories from this amazing Trip!

Let's start by our lending point and first visiting Place... one of the most famous in the Region, we landed at Dubrovnik.


Walking in the street of the medieval fortified city is incredible since you meet in the same time the modernity of a beautiful very touristic city, with amazing beaches and the authentic charm of the old house and stronghold!


A lot of people walking everywhere, that's a beautiful vity but very crowdy, you can reach this place with plane abviously but also this city is a mandatory stop for every people traveling across mediterraneen and adriatic sea with giant travel boats.

Once visited Dubrovnik we decided to cross the border and to go to Montenegro passing through the beautiful city of KOTOR, incredible view of Kotor from the Moutain above, Kotor is a very turistic city captured between mountains, seaside and cliffs


After one hour of driving you can enjoy the seaside of montenegro with nice sans or little rocky beaches, with very rich houses from people coming from all over the world, and a lot of Russian turists


This small "island" is Sveti Stefan, it is a private island in Montenegro coast, with great view, great beaches all around... nice place to live isn't it? ;-)


After all these turistics places we decided to climb in the moutain of montenegro and to try to reach some more authentic places... and it was great... we encountered very nice people, living in a beautiful country across the moutains...

We visited Tara Canyon, known as the deepest canyon in europe, incredible view and a lot of people doing some Bungee jump from very high bridges across the canyon!


Then we spent a night after after a short trek sleeping by a lovely lake deep in the forest : very quiet, beautiful and a little bit scarry... Cerbo Jezero ( Black Lake litterally)

Very dark, very quiet, lots a fishes... incredible night for the end of our trip in Croatia/ montenegro! ;-)

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