Spain is a country of excellent landscape, with its virgin islands, mountain ranges, straits and blue seas.

The Most Impressive Sights in Spain

Spain is a country of excellent scenery, with its virgin islands, mountain ranges, straits and blue seas. From Andalusia to Galicia, the country is full of amazing natural wonders. Caves, paradise islands and high mountains are an important reason to plan a vacation to Spain. You can also eat great Spanish food. If you make your hotel, car rental and flight reservations through Bitbook, you can benefit from an average of 25% cashback.



Montserrat is located an hour's drive from Barcelona. The best spot here is the Benedictine Montserrat Abbey, nestled among cliffs surrounded by cliffs. This wonderful place, created by the combination of architecture and nature, can be reached by cable car.

While you learn about the history of the abbey, you can enjoy a wonderful 360-degree view of the Barcelona countryside. Among the places in the north of Spain, Montserrat is a must visit.


Drach Caves, Mallorca

The Drach Caves in the town of Monacor are filled with interesting rock formations and stalagmites. You have to take a boat to go to the caves, one of the best natural wonders of the country.

Explore Martel Lake and admire the view you see in the 179-meter underwater lake.


Bolnuevo, Murcia

Murcia has several beautiful beaches filled with natural rock formations. Bolnuevo is one of these beaches. These sandstone wonders, formed by natural events, have been affected by the effects of rain, wind and ocean over the years.

These natural stone structures are a symbol of the power of nature.


Gold Coast

Costa Dorada is full of fast-paced nightlife, fun beaches and great historical monuments. Located on the east coast of Spain, this picturesque beach has truly golden sands. There are several water parks, many golf courses and long beaches here.

When the sea is rough, water sports such as windsurfing, paddle boarding and jet skiing are available. You can take a catamaran snorkeling trip in hidden coves.

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