Ancient Trails, Modern Rewards: Outdoor Excursions and Cultural Immersion in the Basque Heartland

Basque Country, Spain: A Culinary and Cultural Hidden Gem

The rugged Basque Country in northern Spain is one adventure-lover's dream destination that often flies under the radar. Nestled against the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains with coastline along the Bay of Biscay, it possesses a charm all its own with a culture profoundly different than elsewhere in Spain.


Beyond Paella: A Distinct People and Cuisine

Walk the medieval alleys of San Sebastian or Bilbao and it becomes immediately clear - this is no ordinary Spanish destination. The Basque people have inhabited this corner of Europe for thousands of years, retaining their own isolated and little-understood Euskera language along with countless customs. And nowhere is their heritage better showcased than on the dinner plate.

Instead of tortillas and paella, Basque Country delights diners with pintxos - small plates of savory goodness impaled with a toothpick. Delicacies like marinated potatoes, jamón Ibérico and a variety of seafood awaits at every turn. For an indulgent feast, reserve a table at legendary Akelaře in San Sebastian, rated among the finest in Europe. Wash it all down with Rioja wine as the sun sets over the bay.


Outdoor Adventures in Verdant Settings

When not enjoying pinchos and Rioja, the Basque Country rewards those seeking exciting outdoor excursions. Sea kayaking along the rugged coastline offers glimpses of sea caves and dolphins. Hiking trails crisscross the verdant mountains, such as tracking elusive bears in the Ancient Forest of Oma. And cyclists can pedal for miles along coastal roads or the iconic Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route.

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Cultural Gemstones: Bilbao and San Sebastian

No trip to the Basque Country is complete without visiting its two most iconic cities. Bilbao boasts the stunning Guggenheim Museum, a landmark of contemporary architecture situated along the Nervión River. Meanwhile, San Sebastian continues to top "best beaches in Europe" lists, with its golden crescent of sand lapped by chilled North Atlantic waters.

Wander Paseo de la Concha and indulge at Asador Josu Zaldívar, renowned for grilling fish and beef over open flames. Afterwards, walk forested Mount Urgull for panoramic city views. With so much natural beauty and cultural authenticity on offer, it's clear why travelers return to the Basque Country time and again. Just be sure to book through BitBook next time to earn even as you explore!

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