Porto de Galinhas - Pernambuco - Brazil


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Located on the southern coast of the state of Pernambuco, Porto de Galinhas is surrounded by paradisiacal beaches, which are surrounded by an immense barrier of coral, which at low tide forms natural pools.

The famous beach of Porto de Galinhas is part of the municipality of Ipojuca and enchants tourists with its exuberant natural beauty.


Certainly one of the most famous postcards in Brazil, the natural pools are the main tourist attraction in Porto de Galinhas. Located a few meters from the sand strip, the pools are formed by corals that emerge during low tide.

To get there, visitors need to take an exciting 10-minute raft ride.


Praia da Vila (Vila Beach)

Praia da Vila is the busiest and most structured beach in the destination. This is where the famous rafts leave for the natural pools and where the vast majority of restaurants and bars in Porto de Galinhas are concentrated.


Much sought after by surfers, Maracaípe Beach has perfect waves for practitioners of the sport and occasionally hosts important surfing championships.

Surrounded by a wonderful coconut grove, the beach is a few kilometers long and has areas where the sea is calmer.


Point where the waters of the river and the sea meet, Pontal de Maracaípe is one of the quietest places close to Porto de Galinhas.

The region also offers a raft ride, with a stop to observe the seahorses and the scenery formed by the mangroves.

Outside the beaches and nature circuit, Porto de Galinhas also has educational tours that are very interesting! The Hippocampus Project is an environmental center that researches and protects the seahorse species that live in the region.


The center has great options of restaurants, bars and some shops. It's a nice walk to go at night, after enjoying the beach.

The place is all decorated with the famous chickens of the city and concentrates the nightlife of the destination.


Praia de Serrambi (Serrambi Beach)

Praia de Serrambi has clear, warm and calm waters. During low tide, the pools form in front of the edge, making it possible to reach them by swimming. To get there, you need to take the road from Porto de Galinhas to Serrambi and, when you get to the center, enter the Ponta de Serrambi condominium.


Porto de Galinhas is considered one of the best places to practice baptism diving. The reason is its extremely transparent waters that allow a clear view of the corals and animals that live in it.

Several diving schools and tourist agencies offer the tour. Diving takes an average of 30 minutes and can be done at different points on Porto de Galinhas Beach.


Praia do Muro Alto ( High Wall Beach)

Perfect for children, Muro Alto Beach is named for having a huge coral bank that forms a gigantic natural pool during low tide. This is one of the most popular beaches in Porto de Galinhas and the place is surrounded by numerous inns and charming hotels.


Praia de Galheta (Galheta Beach)

Praia de Galheta once served as a refuge for adventurers and hippies who sought peace in their small fishing village.

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the state of Pernambuco, the incredible Praia de Calheta is located in the municipality of Cabo de Santo Agostinho. In addition to enjoying the small strip of sand and its rustic restaurants, tourists can try the zip line installed on top of a hill, which heads towards the sea.


The buggy tour is one of the most popular in Porto de Galinhas. In it, visitors travel 16 km of beaches in Porto de Galinhas, getting to know the best of the south coast of Pernambuco. Beaches like Muro Alto, Cupe and Maracaípe are on the route.


Porto de Galinhas has an excellent hotel infrastructure, the variety of hotels is really impressive, catering to all tastes, from simple to luxurious options.

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