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Visit Icapuí - Brazil

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The famous Praia da Redonda is in the region of Icapuí in Ceará, and this place reserves delicious surprises and with the advantage of being a destination still little explored by Brazilian tourists (and gringos) in the northeast! Icapuí is located on the border between Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte and is part of the Falésias Route. Of course, the city of Icapuí itself does not have many tourist attractions, but Praia da Redonda and Praia da Peroba are popular and there are good reasons for that.

So, if you like dunes, canyons, beautiful beaches, stunning views, few people and tranquility, it's time to travel there!

The easiest way to get to Icapuí is to find a cheap airfare to Fortaleza and from there you rent a car and drive approximately 170km to the region of Icapuí.

Choose preferably for hotels and inns in Praia da Redonda or Praia de Peroba, but below I tell you the place we chose and other cool accommodation options in the region.

There is also an option to take a bus (much longer), as well as a taxi or transfer, but this will make you a little stiff to get to know some of the attractions.


In this region of Brazil, there is no winter or summer, but a dry and rainy season! Thus, the temperature in Icapuí is always mild, the wind is constant and the chance of meeting many tourists remains low. The dry season usually happens in the second half of the year, from July to December! And the rainy season is for the first semester, especially between March and May.

But like everywhere in the world, it is not possible to have an accurate forecast, the above tips on when to go to Icapuí are just a suggestion. But one thing is for sure, getting cold will be almost impossible. However, it is very, very windy! And that helps a lot to refresh.

One of the coolest things about staying in this region is having the opportunity to open your bedroom door and see a green sea giving you a “Good Morning!” Every day. Praia da Redonda and Praia de Peroba are the main ones in the region and are also the ones that offer the best infrastructure.


Reserve a morning or an afternoon to take a buggy ride along the beaches to admire the cliffs and beauties of the Icapuí region. Make sure you combine the route and the best time with the buggy driver, as the ebb and flow of the tide will determine the best itinerary!

You can ask the hotel/pousada to organize the tour for you or look for the staff at Pousada Canaã on Ponta Grossa beach. For the buggy ride in Icapuí, I recommend visiting the cliffs, dunes and beaches between Barreiras and Garganta do Diabo!!! That last one will blow your mind!


The region of Icapuí, Praia da Redonda, is famous for lobster fishing, being the largest producer of the crustacean in the state of Ceará. The number of restaurants in the area is not large and they are rarely refined, but almost all of them serve lobster! Fresh lobsters are certainly the best, but if you're not there during the season between June and November, restaurants usually stock them by freezing them.

At Redonda beach, there are some very simple bars by the sea for tourists to spend the day and taste some dishes from the region. But if you want a top notch lobster, check to see if Isabel, from Pousada Céu e Mar, is serving this delicacy, as she does a great job and the view of the place is incredible despite the wind (bring an elastic band to hold your hair).

In August, the Lobster Festival takes place on the beaches of Barreiras and Redonda, with music and tasting. Certainly a popular party for those who like to dance and eat lobster.

Did you realize how many cool things the region of Icapuí and Praia da Redonda in Ceará has to offer? I was very surprised and that's why I came here to recommend it to you! But as I mentioned a few times, the place is very quiet, so if you are looking for clubbing and action, the ideal is to look for other beaches in Ceará!

Have fun!

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