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Visit Serra da Canastra

Visit Serra da Canastra - Brazil

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The Serra da Canastra National Park was made official in 1972 with the aim of preserving the source of the São Francisco River, the one that brings life to so many semi-arid places in Brazil.

Thanks to this source, the river is a perennial source of water throughout the year in these regions, therefore, a gift in the hinterland.

The cool thing about Serra da Canastra is that it pleases all audiences who enjoy nature, both those who just want to look, and those who enjoy a 4×4 tour and lots of adventure.

And the best of all? Serra da Canastra is never crowded, still a little explored destination in Brazil

Serra da Canastra in Minas Gerais is a place where nature dictates the rules. Certainly a place for you to wake up with the rooster crowing, eat delicacies straight from the wood stove and forget about city life. To top it off, the people are welcoming and time seems to pass more slowly in Serra da Canastra.

Ribeirão Preto and Belo Horizonte, for example, are just 4 hours away from Canastra. Anyway, those who live in these regions and enjoy nature, should put this place at the top of the travel list!

For those who live further away and want to get to know Minas Gerais, it is certainly worth including the Serra da Canastra National Park in the itinerary, especially if you like nature.


The Serra da Canastra region is located in the southwest of the state of Minas Gerais and has an area of 200 thousand hectares of ecotourism space for people to have fun. There are 6 cities that cover the Canastra region: Capitólio, Delfinópolis, Sacramento, São João Batista do Glória, São Roque de Minas and Vargem Bonita.

But the main cities that have easy access to the Serra da Canastra National Park are: São Roque de Minas, Sacramento and Delfinópolis.


The climate of Serra da Canastra is subtropical, so the average annual temperatures are 17°C in winter and 23°C in summer.

The dry season takes place between April and October (winter), being the best season to visit the park, including, during this period, some parts of the canasta can be visited by car, but the ideal is still 4×4.

From late October to mid-April, the rainy season takes place, leaving road conditions much more precarious.

For those who are afraid of the cold, don't be scared. As Serra da Canastra is not located in such a high part; Campos do Jordão, Monte Verde and the like, it loses in the “winter tourism” category, but at the same time, it wins for having a mild, dry winter and the brave can keep risking entering the waterfalls and streams.

If you want to stay in a city, I recommend São Roque de Minas, which has a more complete infrastructure, with options of restaurants and inns, but don't go imagining a metropolis, is far from it.

It is not mandatory to make an advance reservation to visit Serra da Canastra Park, so you can buy the ticket at the park entrances. However, during the holidays it is VERY recommended to schedule the visit before the trip to guarantee entry.

If you're lucky, you can certainly find some of Canastra's most illustrious inhabitants, such as the giant anteater, maned wolf and pampas deer. However, it is worth remembering that they usually appear in the late afternoon.

Brazil has a lot of nature for us to discover and when we go to Minas Gerais, all this is mixed with good food, the perfect combination!

Have fun!

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