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Visit Aruba

Visit Aruba

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Aruba enchants people from all over the world before their feet actually set foot on the island. Even on the plane, it is inevitable to notice the commotion in the seats and the wide smiles on the faces of the passengers as they fly over the island. That small space of the windows is not enough for so much curiosity. The sea, with its different shades of blue and green, is simply better than any welcome drink a traveler could wish for.

The small island, in the north of Venezuela, is the perfect place for a vacation. With serene beaches, almost no waves, and hotels with a beautiful view of the sea, the ubiquitous desire is not to return home. Lively night and day, Aruba is a mixture of the old Dutch colonization added to the changes caused by the strong presence of North American tourism.

The official language of the country is Dutch, but in the daily lives of the locals what is spoken is Papiamento. The name may seem strange, but the local dialect, which mixes six different languages, is very similar to Portuguese. Oranjestad, the capital, is a nice center for shopping and finding deals - in fact, shopping is one of the main attractions in the country.


Palm Beach is the best place to be, because it has everything anyone needs: if during the day tourists alternate between hotels next to the sand and moments of relaxation floating in the sea, at night it's time to go out on the streets looking at the shops and eating in a good restaurant, or enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of a bar. Anyone who dares to try to win some money can bet the chips in one of the casinos.

Be sure to take a tour of Aruba and discover Arikok Park, with its beautiful natural pool. Enjoy the incredible sunset on the beaches or at Farol California, which is located in a strategic point in the city. Snorkel at Baby Beach and discover why the country is such a popular spot for diving enthusiasts. Aruba is full of happiness, entertainment, bustling sounds, and so it prides itself on being "a happy island".


When to go to Aruba

The temperatures, high all year round, associated with the absence of hurricanes, reflect in a perfect stage to enjoy a trip to the island. That's right, Aruba is out of the hurricane path and that's one less worry when choosing the travel date. All year round, tourists can enjoy sun, shade and fresh water in this Caribbean paradise.

The average temperature in Aruba is 28ºC, with little variation between winter and summer, keeping the sea always warm. Due to the intense heat, you can barely notice the difference between the seasons, after all, it's always hot. The months between October and January are the ones with the highest incidence of rain, but this time is still favorable for travel because the rain showers are short and do not compromise the entire day. The wind is constant in the region, deceiving those who are in the sun, causing a feeling that the sun is not strong - don't fall for it, always use sunscreen.

The periods from December to February and from July to August are considered high season. In these months prices tend to rise a little, the country is full and the streets are livelier. Spring Break, a school holiday that varies between March and April, and Easter are also very busy seasons; if you want quiet, it is advisable to avoid these holidays. The Aruban Carnival is joyful and highly celebrated in the country - the holiday is a reason for celebration, with costumes and a parade in the streets.


Aruba Landmarks

Talking about Aruba's tourist attractions is also talking about nature. The main attraction that brings thousands of tourists to the island every year is its clean and warm beaches. They, however, are not the only charm that travelers will find.

Among the places you shouldn't miss, Farol California stands out for its location, which allows you to watch a beautiful sunset. Take a safari through Arikok Park, an environmental reserve with many cactus, observe the arid landscape of the region and dive among many fish in the natural pool.

Aruba tours

There are several tours offered in Aruba, almost all connected to the sea. Day trippers to the country are spent relaxing on the beach near the hotel, mixed in with a few walks around the island. In general the tours are expensive, but some are so interesting that it is worth paying.

The great attraction of the "happy island" in this regard is the submarine ride, a somewhat exclusive activity, found in few tourist destinations. The submarine, which is real, reaches more than 40 meters of depth and passes slowly through several schools so that travelers can enjoy the beautiful view of the fish. Another traditional tour is the Jeep Safari, in which people, in addition to getting to know different parts of the island, can drive a 4x4.


Don't forget the sunscreen :)

Have fun!

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