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Visit Maraú Peninsula

Visit Maraú Peninsula

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Low tide heralds the beginning of another beautiful day on the Maraú Peninsula, one of the most beautiful destinations on the South Coast of Bahia. It's time to dive into the natural pools and enjoy the paradisiacal view of Taipu de Fora Beach. A few kilometers from there, motorboats and boats arrive at Barra Grande, where the pier welcomes travelers in search of peace amid splendid scenery in that little piece of Costa do Dendê. Bahia even has beaches worthy of causing passions and Peninsula de Maraú, along with Barra Grande, is one of these passions that turn into marriage. Who goes, always comes back again! So, if you have a trip to the region of Peninsula de Maraú and Barra Grande, in Bahia, get ready to add another destination to your list of beaches for a lifetime.

The Maraú Peninsula has a part of the coastline facing the ocean and another facing the Camamu Bay. On the oceanic side, there are beaches that are heavily influenced by the tide and where the phenomenon of natural pools takes place (always at low tide). The most famous are in Taipu de Fora, but you can also see pools on other beaches, such as the exuberant Praia de Algodões, which can still be considered a hidden paradise amidst the beauties of Maraú. On the side of Camamu Bay, the calm sea is an invitation to relax, especially at dusk, when the sun sets on the water and gives a spectacle in places like Ponta do Mutá Beach and the Carapitangui River.


The Maraú Peninsula is one of those paradises still little known even among Brazilians. Part of the region of Bahia known as Costa do Dendê, the Maraú Peninsula is 270 km from Salvador (via Itaparica ferry), 127 km from Ilhéus and 66 km from Itacaré.

The difficult access is one of the reasons why the Maraú Peninsula and Barra Grande are still so peaceful. Getting to Barra Grande, Taipu de Fora and other beaches on the Maraú Peninsula is not an easy task and requires a few kilometers of dirt road or a journey by speedboat or boat via Camamu Bay. Believe me, overcoming the challenge of arrival, you will find an enchanting destination!

The closest airport that allows easier access to the Maraú Peninsula is Ilhéus Airport, 127 km from Barra Grande. Another option is to fly to Salvador Airport, 270 km away from Barra Grande. Regardless of your point of origin, the final route will be by car, boat or speedboat.

For those who are in Itacaré, but are keen to discover the Maraú Peninsula, an excellent choice is to take the speedboat tour that passes through several islands in the Camamu Bay and also stops in Taipu de Fora to discover the natural pools.


In addition to the beautiful beaches (which are reason enough to go to Maraú and Barra Grande), those who visit the region can practice snorkeling in the natural pools of Taipu de Fora; ride the Bromeliad Trail by quad bike; take a tour through the islands of Camamu Bay to the Tremembé Waterfall; take a bath in the Carapitangui River; discover the Cassange Lagoon; watch the sunset at Ponta do Mutá; visit the town of Taipu de Dentro and still enjoy the village of Barra Grande. And since getting to the Maraú Peninsula is not very easy, take the opportunity to stay there as long as possible!


Barra Grande, the main base for tourists who come to the Maraú Peninsula, is a very peaceful village, with a small square, fair and little church. There, life moves at a slow pace on the dirt roads. Asphalt has not yet reached the sides of Barra Grande and Peninsula de Maraú. It's part of the charm of the place, which preserves a country atmosphere and doesn't seem to want to change. Although it is a small village, Barra Grande has good restaurants and shops capable of supplying all the needs of a few days of travel. A great base for lodging for moments of rest on the beautiful beaches of the region.

Although Barra Grande offers the best infrastructure on the Maraú Peninsula, there are those who even seek a place in the sun in front of the sea. In this case, a great option is Praia de Taipu de Fora, where there is a good offer of inns close to the beach and with the right to wake up in front of the beautiful natural pools that reign there.

On the Maraú Peninsula it will still be possible to fulfill the dream of a bungalow on a beach with almost no one. Just look for inns in places like Praia de Algodões, Praia de Saquaíra, Praia do Cassange and Praia da Bombaça. Not everything on the Maraú Peninsula is limited to Taipu de Fora and Barra Grande, regions that concentrate most of the accommodations. It is worth investing in days off the most common route.

The Maraú Peninsula is popular throughout the year. Some details, however, can make a difference in the trip, such as the high rains and the correct tide to see the natural pools, which are at their peak in the new and full moons, when the tide effect is greater.

The climate in the Maraú Peninsula is always hot, and the highest temperatures are recorded in the summer, between December and March, when the minimum is 23°C and the maximum reaches 29°C. Winter, between June and September, is marked by slightly lower temperatures, with a minimum of 21°C and a maximum of 24°C.

Despite the rains being present in all months of the year, the sun always appears on the Maraú Peninsula. The period with the lowest rainfall is from September to February. The “driest” month is January, the height of summer and with an average of 140 mm of rain. The period with the highest rainfall is from March to July, with April being the wettest month, with an average of 224 mm.

A sunset at Ponta do Mutá is enough for Peninsula de Maraú to be forever on your list of best beach destinations in Brazil. Enjoy every dip in the pools of Taipu de Fora, every sunset and every drink by the sea. You deserve this show of place!

Have fun!

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