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Visit Fortaleza

Visit Fortaleza - Brazil

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Fortaleza is one of the most coveted tourist destinations in Brazil and, after getting to know the variety of attractions that the city offers, it is easy to understand why it is so successful. With the power to please people of all ages, the capital of Ceará mixes many things that people like: natural beauties, culture, music, fun and a cuisine that takes your hat off.

Fortaleza is the capital of Ceará and has more than 2.6 million inhabitants. The city is one of the main destinations in the Brazilian Northeast and has great options for tours. The sea is part of the context of the capital, always present in the day-to-day scenarios. Whether you want to sunbathe in the morning or go for a walk at night, the coast is one of Fortaleza's highlights.

Fortaleza's urban waterfront — accompanied by tall buildings and a busy boardwalk — brings together the beaches of Iracema, Mucuripe and Meireles, where the Handicraft market is located, which is full of tourists every night. About 10 km from this region is Praia do Futuro, the best beach in the city to enjoy the sea, ideal for those looking for structure and a little peace.

Beach Park is another unmissable program, which appeals to families with people of all ages! It is located on Porto das Dunas Beach and is one of the best known water parks in Brazil, it has dozens of attractions and the potential to satisfy both those who just want to enjoy a pool in peace and those looking for water slides with strong emotions!


For those who enjoy cultural activities, Fortaleza also has several options. The Dragão do Mar Art and Culture Center, or just Dragão, is one of the best options to see an exhibition, watch a movie and, on top of that, enjoy a bar at the end of the day. In fact, the capital's nightlife is as lively as its day life. From Monday to Monday, Fortaleza has attractions to enjoy the night and, if you don't miss the opportunity to laugh, watching a show by Ceará comedians will be a great choice! For those who like to dance, forró is the rhythm that moves the region.


The variety and structure of hotels in Fortaleza is very good and caters to tourists with different desires. Hotel rates are usually very reasonably priced, without exaggeration, which favors those thinking of taking a moderate-cost trip.

Among the main hotels in Fortaleza are the Gran Marquise, which has a great structure and the Hotel Beira Mar and the Seara Praia Hotel, both with a good location. If you want to stay in Praia do Futuro, consider staying at the Gran Mareiro Hotel. And if you want to stay in a more intimate area, away from the big city, consider staying at Carmel Cumbuco Resort, or Vila Galé Resort Cumbuco, an all-inclusive resort with all the structure to enjoy your vacation!


One cannot talk about Fortaleza without commenting on its beaches, which attract so many visitors.

Iracema, Mucuripe and Meireles are really well-known names in the city, but Praia do Futuro cannot be left out of your tours. This beach has huge tents and all the amenities you need to spend a peaceful day, from drinks and snacks to a water park for the kids.

Taking turns between the beaches of Fortaleza and its surroundings is the main program for those who visit the city, and much of this is due to this large number of beaches and attractions. Tours in Fortaleza take tourists mainly to beaches further away from the coast of Ceará and they are worth visiting! You can set aside time in your schedule to choose between the various beaches in Ceará, such as Praia do Cumbuco, Praia de Lagoinha, Morro Branco, Praia das Fontes, Canoa Quebrada and even the famous Jericoacoara. Each of these beaches has its own characteristics, always with a beautiful coastline in common!


Fortaleza is a city where it is hot all year round, so, if you only depend on that, you can visit it whenever you want. However, the months between February and February are the rainiest and if you don't want to risk rain, it would be best to avoid them. Read here the complete tips on when to go to Fortaleza and discover the best time for your trip!

For football lovers, it may be worth traveling to Ceará during the Ceará football championship period, usually at the beginning of each year, when Fortaleza Esporte Club and Ceará SC usually meet for good matches at Arena Castelão.

Have fun!

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