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With the ease of travel, the number of students studying abroad is also increasing.

Top 4 Cities for Students in the World

In the global age, every region of the world has become closer to each other. The ease of travel, the increase in transportation opportunities, the increase in suitable flight ticket options and the developing technology are motivating those who want to go to different places. If you make your hotel, flight and car rental reservations for your trips through Bitbook, you can benefit from an average of 20% cashback.

With the ease of travel, the number of students studying abroad is also increasing. In addition to undergraduate, graduate and doctorate education, young people who participate in short-term courses, student exchange programs and social responsibility projects have the opportunity to get to know different cities of the world.



Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, has suitable conditions for students as it has the world's leading financial centers and offers professional and internship opportunities for students.



Standing out in the world with its education quality, Singapore is a student-friendly city with low unemployment, high welfare, security and qualified educational institutions. Its favorable climate and surrounding countries turn into attractions for students.



Berlin, the capital of Germany, which provides a high standard with its culture, history, life and education quality, creates opportunities for the educated population to find a job after graduation. Berlin, which offers an environment of interaction with other European cities, is also advantageous in this respect.



Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is at the top of the employer activity category. Internship opportunities offered by many multinational companies to the educated population and hiring students as soon as they graduate are stated as the biggest advantages. The tolerant atmosphere in the city, suitable accommodation for students and the presence of foreign population are among the prominent features.

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