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Lapland, which is known as the roof of Europe, including the lands of Finland, Sweden, Norway and even Russia, is like a realm of dreams…

Taking a Winter Vacation in Lapland

Lapland, which is known as the roof of Europe, including the lands of Finland, Sweden, Norway and even Russia, is like a realm of dreams… Lapland spreads the magic of Christmas and New Year's to a whole year, not just a few weeks; While dazzling with its fairy-tale activities and natural wonders, it invites you to color the most colorful period of the year even more. If you make your hotel, flight and car rental reservations for your trips through Bitbook, you can benefit from an average of 20% cashback.

Seeing the northern lights, going on a husky safari, experiencing the slow life in local villages, adventure with reindeer sledges, traveling with the icebreaker, fishing in the frozen river, swimming in the icy water are just some of the magical, legendary, lively, joyful and fun experiences you can have in Lapland.

Think about it, how many times in your life can you join a Husky safari and watch the Northern lights while lying on your bed in a glass igloo?


Skiing Enjoyment

Built on the skirts of two hills, Saariselkä Ski Center is not surprising in a snow-covered geography. You can also do telemark skiing, which is a skiing technique that combines Alpine and Scandinavian skiing elements, in which only the tip of the ski shoes is fixed to the ski and the heel area is free at the ski center, which has slopes suitable for all levels.


Snowmobile Ride

If you want to experience an adrenaline-filled activity in the white-clad nature of Lapland, you should jump on snowmobiles and enjoy driving in the forests. Driving experience with snowmobiles, a traditional means of transportation in the wilderness of Lapland, is also the most exciting activity of exploring nature among snow-covered tree-lined roads.


Siberian Husky Safari

The hours you spend with Husky dogs, known as Arctic animals, will be one of the unforgettable experiences of your life. The journey you will make in the snow-covered nature of Lapland with sleds pulled by Husky dogs, and the pleasant times you will spend at the Husky farm are a must for this winter fairy tale! On the tour, which starts at the Siberian Husky training and breeding farm, you will first get information from your professional guide on how to control the sleds, and you will go on a wonderful nature trip through the snow-covered forests of Finland by riding the sleds. When you reach the last point of the tour, you will listen to interesting stories about Lapland and learn more about Siberian wolves while drinking hot chocolate and enjoying the fireplace. You will have a fun and different story to tell thanks to this interesting tour that you can take in very few places in the world.


Reindeer Safari

Reindeer safari, which is an environmentally and nature-friendly holiday activity, is actually the local Sami's way of traveling… In the tour that starts at the reindeer training and breeding farm, professional guides first tell you what you need to do to ride the reindeer. After your driving training, you sit on sledges pulled by reindeer and go on a wonderful nature trip through the snow-covered forests of Finland. After your tour is over, you warm up and rest in a big tent with your Sami guide. You can make pancakes on the fire in the middle and drink delicious berry tea. This tour, where you will be fascinated by the reindeer and discover the north of Finland, will be one of the most interesting experiences you will have in your life.


Santa Claus Village

Located a few kilometers from Rovaniemi, Santa Claus Village is all the stories you've heard about Santa Claus come true! When you come to Santa Claus Village, which is like an amusement park, you can visit the small museum, send mail from the Santa Claus Main Post Office, ride snowmobiles, see huskies, visit the farm of the elves!


Aurora Borealis Tour (Northern Lights)

The real reason for flocking to Lapland is a miracle: Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights!

The natural phenomenon that occurs on the surface of the sun, almost 150 million km from the earth, reflects these wonderful magnetic waves to the sky when it reaches the earth after its journey in space. Giant explosions on the sun's surface approach the earth after 3-4 days, and magnetic particles are collected in the polar regions of the world, which have intense magnetic attraction. Witnessing the Aurora Borealis is an amazing experience that everyone should experience!

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