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We made a nice walking route for the center of Brussels.

Places to Visit in Brussels

We made a nice walking route for the center of Brussels. One of the main subjects of Brussels is definitely its museums! If you make your hotel, flight and car rental reservations for your trips through Bitbook, you can benefit from an average of 20% cashback. Have a nice trip!


Palais Royal

Palais Royal is a royal palace built on the site of the Palace of the Dukes of Brabant, which was destroyed by fire in 1731. Although it is not the place where the royal family lives today, we can say that it is an office that he uses for his administrative work. Well, it would certainly be an indication of the monarchy, you can think of the use of the Palais Royal as an administrative office in this way. Members of the Royal Family, those working in the service of the King and Queen, the cabinet and secretaries are all here. The palace is also frequently used for special occasions, receptions and meetings. It is closed to visitors for most of the year due to its active mobility; but since 1965 it has been open to the public every summer during the National Holiday, from July 21 to September.

Even if you are not going to visit the Palais Royal, it is useful to go where it is; because this is also the museum district of Brussels. Musee des Instruments de Musique, where musical instruments are exhibited around the palace, Musee Magritte, where the works of Belgian painter Rene Magritte are exhibited, Musees Royaux des Beaux Arts de Belgique, which is the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, and pictures of different movements describing the art transformation of Belgium between 1868 and 1914. You can visit museums such as the Musée Fin-de-Siècle Museum, where it is exhibited chronologically.

Another place you should see in this area is the Church of Saint Jacques-sur-Coudenberg. It definitely draws your attention with its neoclassical architecture and columns.


Place du Jeu de Balle

If you like to visit second-hand markets, be sure to stop by the Jeu de Balle Square in Brussels. Place du Jeu de Balle Market, or Old Market, which is established here every day, is a second-hand and vintage market. Its specialty is that it is the only antique and second-hand market in the world that remains open 365 days a year.

In the market, you will find many nostalgic items such as antique objects, porcelain, mirrors, paper and fabric products, vintage clothes, books, and records. The rule is to go early! It is open between 07:00 and 14:00 on weekdays and between 07:00 and 15:00 on weekends. In the afternoon, the stalls begin to empty.


Grand Place

One of our favorite places in Brussels is the city's main square, the Grand Place. A huge square that truly lives up to its name, and has been under UNESCO protection since 1998. The Grand Place, which was used as a marketplace many years ago and then turned into a commercial center, is the most touristic place of Brussels today and also hosts the important architectures of the city. It is also a meeting and socializing center.

The first place that will catch your attention on the Grand Place is the old town hall, the Town Hall, or Hotel de Ville in French. It has an architecture that officially puts on show with its Gothic style. It can be visited for €5 per person, free of charge with the Brussels Card. It is also where the tourist office is located.

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