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We are entering December, one of the most magical months of the year.

The Liveliest Destinations to Visit in December

We are entering December, one of the most magical months of the year. Although December means the end of the year, that doesn't mean your travel plans are over. As we enter December, the last days of 2022 are filled with exciting choices for travel that will set us on the road! While many cities are shimmering with Christmas and New Year's celebrations, you can find yourself in a winter tale at the ski resorts in the mountains, or if you like warm weather, you can go to destinations where you can sunbathe on the beach while the Northern Hemisphere is cold. “Where should I go in December?” We've prepared exciting destination recommendations from around the world to help you with your questions.

It is the right time to set off from European cities that are colorful with Christmas markets, to African lands that bring spring weather almost every season of the year, from Cancun, which is dazzling with its historical atmosphere inherited from the Mayans, to Finland, where you will be fascinated by the reindeer and follow the footsteps of Santa Claus. Here are the most enjoyable destinations of December that will appeal to every traveler…

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Central Kalahari, Botswana

The best time to visit the Kalahari is December, which marks the start of the rainy season in Botswana. It is possible to see many hyenas, leopards and almost all of the famous black-maned lions of the reserve here. December is one of the best times for bird watching.


Lapland, Finland

How about spending this winter vacation in the picturesque Scandinavian country of Finland to discover Lapland, which dazzles with its postcard-like beauty? Lapland spreads the magic of Christmas and New Year's to a whole year, not just a few weeks; While dazzling with its fairy-tale activities and natural wonders, it invites you to color the most colorful period of the year even more. Let us also remind you that there are 39 national parks in Finland, which is among the popular travel routes of recent years with its natural beauties. A dream vacation awaits you in Finland, where you will be enchanted by the reindeer and follow the footsteps of Santa Claus.


Bled, Slovenia

Slovenia, one of the greenest countries you can see in Europe with an area of ​​20 thousand kilometers, is one of the places that best reflects the winter atmosphere of Europe. Slovenia, which is one of the most important countries to visit in 2022 by Lonely Planet, is one of the places to visit before the end of the year. Many resorts within Triglav National Park are famous for their breathtaking views. Slovenia, which makes everyone happy with both sports and non-skiing activities, looks like it came out of a winter fairy tale at Christmas time. Make sure you have your camera with you as you explore this fascinating country with its picturesque natural beauties and biodiversity, as you will want to immortalize every single shot you see.


Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, which is a travel story that every traveler dreams of or should definitely add to his list... Cancun, which introduces you to new experiences and emotions you have never seen, heard or felt before, is one of the hottest holiday destinations in the Caribbean Sea. Although you may think that your mind is playing tricks on you in this fascinating city, where you will not want to leave the turquoise sea and admire the historical atmosphere inherited from the Mayans, by feeling the white sands under your feet, all your feelings and what you see are real! When you come to Cancun, do not forget to watch the sunrise, wander around the Mayan ruins and taste the must-have authentic flavors.


Arctic Region, Sweden

If you want to experience the fantastic winter vacation of your dreams, one of the addresses you should choose should be the Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi, one degree north of the Arctic Circle. This village, where the sun never rises, especially in the last three weeks of December, is ideal for watching the northern lights. The famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, the homeland of the world's first ice bar, is probably one of the most original hotels in the world.

If you wish, you can witness this magnificent show by staying at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, which is rebuilt every year in autumn; If you wish, you can turn your holiday into unforgettable memories by watching the Aurora Borealis in the fascinating atmosphere of Abisko National Park in Lapland province close to the Norwegian border of Sweden.

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