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Budva and Kotor can be the first two places that come to mind when Montenegro is mentioned; but in our opinion, a trip to Montenegro would be incomplete without seeing the small and idyllic town of Perast in the Bay of Kotor.

Places to Visit in Perast

Budva and Kotor can be the first two places that come to mind when Montenegro is mentioned; but in our opinion, a trip to Montenegro would be incomplete without seeing the small and idyllic town of Perast in the Bay of Kotor. Located 20 minutes away from Kotor, the sweet Perast has remained extremely quiet, calm and peaceful, unlike its very touristic neighbors. It is a charming place under the protection of UNESCO, dating back to the Middle Ages. Whereas Kotor is lively, young and dynamic, Perast is dignified, peaceful and romantic.

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Two tiny islands, Our Lady on the Rock and St. It is not difficult to guess that Perast, which has become the symbol of the Bay of Kotor with St. George, is one of the most photographed spots in Montenegro.

Perast is a small town where you can visit everything in 2-3 hours. After wandering the streets and completing the town tour, you can take a boat tour to go to the islands, and spend the rest of your time relaxing on the beaches in and around Perast.


Our Lady of the Rock Island

Our Lady of the Rock is one of the two islands of the Bay of Kotor located towards the Perast coast. Legend has it that it all started in 1452, when a sailor found an icon of the Virgin from the spot where the island is located. After the icon, a piece of rock is left here for every sailor who successfully returns from the expedition, the stones form a small island made entirely by hand, and at the end of 200 years, the island takes its present form. The ritual of laying down the stone forming the island is a tradition that still continues in Perast; This ritual is repeated by the people of Perast at the Fasinada Festival, which takes place on July 22 every year.

On the Island of the Lady of the Rocks, there is a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, built in reference to her religious past, and a museum where archaeological finds are exhibited. The paintings inside the church and the tapestry that Perast Jacinta Kunić-Mijović embroidered in 25 years are worth seeing. The detail that makes this embroidery so prominent is that Kunić-Mijović uses silver and gold threads as well as her own hair while embroidering. Even the color change of her hair in 25 years can be seen on the embroidery. In addition to the church and museum, there is also a small souvenir shop on the island.

Getting to Our Lady of the Rock Island

It is possible to reach the island by boats departing from Perast beach, round trip is €5 per person. You return with the boat you went to. Since Our Lady of the Rock is a church island, you have to dress indoors when going to the island; Otherwise, you cannot enter. Make sure your shoulders and legs are covered.


Perast Museum

The collection of the Perast Museum, which was opened in 1937, was mostly made up of donations from Perast residents, wealthy families living there, and the inclusion of the municipal archive. Primarily St. The museum, which was opened in the town hall in front of the Nicholas Church, was later moved to the mansion of Kaptan Bujovic, where it is today. In addition to the historical archives of both Perast and Montenegro on maritime and art, the museum also includes objects that will define the region ethnographically and the museum library. It hosts special events from time to time. The museum is open every day from 09:00 to 21:00, the entrance fee is €4 per person.

Address: Obala Marka Martinovica Street


Perast Beach

Perast, which has only one main street, where you can walk in 15 minutes; Since it is located on the shore of the Bay of Kotor, it has incredibly beautiful views. As you walk on the beach, one's heart opens up; so the first thing you do when you come here is to take a short walk here. Since Perast is a better place than Bob Ross paintings, it also offers very good views in terms of photography.


Pirate Bar

We can say that the Pirate Bar, located behind Peskovita, is the first choice beach for those who come to Perast. It can be very crowded in the summer, there is always music as it serves like a beach club. Sunbeds and umbrellas can be rented, and it is pleasant to spend time with as it has a restaurant and bar.

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