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Emilia-Romagna is a region in northern Italy that is renowned for its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and delicious cuisine.

Emilia-Romagna: Beyond the Classics

Emilia-Romagna is a region in northern Italy that is renowned for its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and delicious cuisine. But there's much more to Emilia-Romagna than meets the eye. Here are some lesser-known highlights to explore on your next trip to this beautiful part of Italy.

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The City of Modena

While Modena may not be as well-known as other Italian cities like Rome or Florence, it is definitely worth a visit. This charming city is famous for its balsamic vinegar, which is produced using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations. Take a tour of a local producer to learn about the process and sample some of the best balsamic vinegar in the world. Modena is also home to the stunning Romanesque Cathedral, which boasts an impressive bell tower that you can climb to enjoy panoramic views of the city.


The Porticoes of Bologna

Bologna is the largest city in Emilia-Romagna and is known for its vibrant university culture and delicious cuisine. But one of the most unique features of the city is its extensive network of porticoes. These covered walkways stretch for over 38 km and provide shelter from the elements as you explore the city. Take a stroll along the porticoes and admire the beautiful architecture and colorful buildings of Bologna.


The Ghost Town of Dozza

Located just a short drive from Bologna, the town of Dozza is a hidden gem that is not to be missed. This charming hilltop village is known for its colorful murals that cover the facades of many of the buildings. But the real highlight is the Rocca Sforzesca, a medieval fortress that has been converted into a museum. Wander through the museum's halls to learn about the history of the fortress and the town, and be sure to take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.


The Po Delta National Park

Emilia-Romagna is home to a number of stunning natural parks, but the Po Delta National Park is one of the most unique. This vast wetland is home to a diverse array of flora and fauna, including rare bird species like the glossy ibis and the ferruginous duck. Explore the park by bike or on foot to experience the peace and tranquility of this beautiful natural oasis.


The Food

No trip to Emilia-Romagna would be complete without indulging in the region's world-famous cuisine. From rich pasta dishes like tortellini and lasagne to decadent desserts like tiramisu and zabaglione, the food in Emilia-Romagna is a feast for the senses. But be sure to try some of the lesser-known specialties as well, such as piadina (a type of flatbread) and crescentine (fried bread).

Emilia-Romagna is a region that truly has something for everyone, from history buffs to nature lovers to foodies. So why not start planning your trip today and discover all the unique treasures that this part of Italy has to offer?

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