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Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

The Best Inns in Viscount of Mauá


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lLocated in the Serra Fluminense region, Visconde de Mauá is one of the cities most sought after by tourists, who like the place especially during the winter. In the cold season, temperatures in the mountains reach close to 0ºC, which means that lovers of cold weather and couples in love head there in droves. And, therefore, one of the best tips for booking accommodation is to look for one of the great chalets in Visconde de Mauá. Of course don't forget to use BITBOOK.NET and get the best prices and also a great cashback!

This destination is one of the best place for those who want to relax and rest. Viscount of Mauá is certainly for those looking for one of the best destinations in Brazil. The city is much sought after by couples in love and nature lovers, always full of tourists and travelers.

And then, of course, the Viscount of Mauá inns could not fail to offer great accommodation to serve you!

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The destination has numerous options for chalezinhos, which are very comfortable and cozy, offering a warm and perfect space for cold days in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro. But other than that, of course, there are incredible attractions to enjoy in the center and in the midst of the rich nature of the city's surroundings, where the various waterfalls, such as Cachoeira Véu de Noiva, and natural pools, such as Poção de Maromba, are just a few. of the greatest natural highlights.

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Green I want to see you (Verde Que Te Quero Ver-Te)

The Green I want to see you has a fun name, and doesn't skimp on the warmth offered in its chalets. With spacious and very well equipped accommodation, it offers a lot of comfort for visitors, including amenities that make all the difference in a good stay. In addition to the comfortable bed, the warm fireplace and the incredible hydromassage, the visitor can take his own drink to the place (no corkage fee), and even enjoy tea and coffee in his room. Apart from all that, it is less than 1 km from the shopping center.

Chalet of the Stars (Chalés das Estrelas)

Those looking for a space in the middle of nature will love staying at the Chalet of the Stars. The property's nightlife, which is located in an area surrounded by vegetation and close to the river, has as its protagonist the stars of the name itself. The whole space is very quiet and perfect for days of peace and rest. The accommodations are exclusive for couples and, although simple, they have everything a comfortable trip needs to have: a good bed, TV, minibar and heater for the cold in the mountains.

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Marimbondo Way inn

Pousada no Caminho do Marimbondo: simple and natural pleasures, but which do not dispense with a touch of sophistication.

Considered the best inn in Visconde de Mauá by the 4 Rodas guide, it is located on a hill, Mauá Brasil provides comfort and privacy for the couple. Nature and comfort! In the quietest and most bucolic area of Visconde de Mauá, in the midst of pure air, greenery and peace.

Perfect for couples in love looking for an environment that combines maximum comfort, privacy, romanticism and contact with nature.

well-equipped and very comfortable, with well-used space and a super welcoming atmosphere. Each unit has a bed, fireplace, air conditioning, minibar and TV, but it is also worth highlighting the entire green outdoor area, with several extended hammocks just waiting for guests to rest. To top it all off, the great breakfast at the place usually makes visitors miss it.

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