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Jujuy - Argentina


This amazing place have the best options at bitbook.net, only at BitBook you can get the best prices and on top of that, a amazing cashback! The Argentine north, NOA as it is known there, is surrounded by mountains with rock formations that have undergone geological transformations of up to 70 million years.This destination is one of the best place for those who want to hike and admire the bbeauty of the nature. This destination is certainly for those looking for one of the best destinations in Argentina. The city is much sought after by couples in love and mountain lovers, always full of tourists and travelers.

The landscapes are very different from what we usually associate with Argentina: everything is very arid, the villages in general with buildings in ocher tones and a generally very desert look.

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The Argentine north offers a series of tourist attractions full of mountains (better yet: super colorful mountains!), arid and cold weather (especially if you go in winter), as well as simple, receptive people, full of traditions and festivals that keep in the rich millennial history there.

To get to know the region, you can take paid tours or go on your own, in a rented car. Depending on the size of the group you are with on this trip or even your budget, traveling with guides may even be worth it. The guided tour goes in a van stopping at points of interest, which ends up limiting you a bit if you want to take pictures calmly or even take a little longer enjoying the views. But it can also be fun if you want to make some friends and not worry about doing too much research with a script.

Make sure to go to Purmamarca. It is a small town that, although small, is worth having a day in your itinerary. It was certainly one of the places that enchanted us the most on this trip! The rule of this tour is simply that there are no rules: simply walk around the city with an open heart for the incredible cultural exchange you can experience there. By the way, one of Jujuy's tips is to always be open to this exchange with the local culture. As it is super touristy, there are a variety of places for handicrafts and restaurants.

Around Purmamarca is one of the main postcards of the Argentine northern region: the Cerro de los siete colores. The mountain, as its name suggests, is all colorful.

Undoubtedly a great point to abuse creativity when taking pictures, right? In the same vein, but perhaps even better, there is the Paseo de los Colorados, another large, mega-colored mountain that also surrounds Purmamarca.


Another nice tour to do is to go to Salinas Grandes. If you intend to go to Salar de Uyuni, in Bolivia, on the same trip, it might not be game, because Salinas Grandes is an almost miniature version of Uyuni. However, if it's your first experience in a salt desert, it's really worth adding to your schedule. If you go with a guide, even better. Despite spending a little more, the guide helps a lot to not get lost in the immensity of white and on top of that manages to take you to the ojos del mar, green pools and too beautiful in the middle of the desert.

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Typical Jujuy Festivities

This is not exactly a tour tip, but a great one for those who intend to travel to this region and still haven't decided on the date. Despite being high season, it's a good idea to go in August, when Pachamama Day takes place, one of the most traditional festivals in northern Argentina.

Another cultural program in August is the Éxodo Jujeño, which takes place on the 23rd, and is a very important date for the national identity. In February or March, the carnival is also a great attraction and is definitely worth having on the list of possible tours to do in Jujuy. By the way, although we didn't enjoy Humahuaca so much, they say that the carnival there is one of the best and most famous in Argentina!

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I have no doubt that you will have unforgettable days. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and we'll be happy to answer them!

Safe travel and enjoy this amazing place!

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