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Today BitBook will show you another great destination in London, so prepare your passport, travel insurance,backpacks and suitcases for an unforgettable trip.

This is one of the most vibrant and elegant neighborhoods in London and is usually on the itinerary of most travelers who visit it. This is where two of the city's important museums are located: the Natural History and the Victoria and Albert.

But the Kensington region goes far beyond these two tourist spots: there is no shortage of inspiring attractions around here! They are the best restaurants, sharing the same street with parks, pubs and museums, all with great elegance.

Kensington Palace and Garden

Walking through the stately corridors of Kensington Palace is like stepping into a historical period drama with its large collection of works of art and timely furnishings.

The palace was once a small village, known as Nottingham House, and was also once a rural retreat and home to Britain's royal families. It was here that Queen Victoria spent her childhood, Diana and Charles lived for a few years and where William and Kate currently reign as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Don't miss the King's Gallery, with an infinity of splendid paintings, the Queen Victoria Exhibition, where you can find many objects and details about the queen, and the unmissable exhibition of Diana's clothes and dresses.

Access to Kensington Gardens is completely open and free. I suggest keeping an eye on the Palace's schedule, as there are always different guided tours.

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Holland Park and Design Museum

Much frequented by the British, this park is one of the quietest in London. Holland is huge and has a centuries-old plantation of dahlias that is worth seeing! There is also a charming Japanese garden with koi carps and a bridge at the foot of a waterfall.

Outside the museum, right at the entrance to the park, is the Design Museum. Located in a very peculiar building, the museum has traveling exhibitions and a super refined permanent collection that celebrates contemporary design from the perspective of the designer, the manufacturer and the end user!

There are more than 1000 pieces on display, ranging from old Apple computers, typing machines, to designer shoes, chairs and much more. Those who love design, architecture and engineering cannot miss it!

The Gore Hotel

It was at Bar 190 at The Gore hotel that – nothing less – than The Rolling Stones released the album Beggars Banquet, in 1968. The bar is super beautiful, with wooden walls and a more modern Victorian decor. Try the drink Beggars and Banquet, in honor of the album, or try several others with lots of rum, whiskey, martini, gin and tonics based on botanical and citrus infusions.


Science museum

The Science Museum tells the story of science in a very dynamic way. Through photos, videos, holograms, and all sorts of ingenuity, we can interact directly with experiences and learn easily. There are more than 300,000 pieces organized on 7 floors.

Royal Albert Hall

This is one of the most recommended places to see a show or any show in London. It is here that Cirque du Soleil, every year, presents us with its performances during the January holidays. It's also where Adele and countless artists have made the crowd go wild with memorable shows.

The Royal Albert Hall program is very varied and during the year the attractions are very popular! Keep an eye out, because there's always a lot of news!

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Churchill Arms

This famous, extravagantly decorated London pub was built in 1750 and has a lot of history to tell! In the past, it was frequented by the family of Prime Minister Churchill, and after the Second World War the pub was named after him, as a tribute.

The traditional food here is Thai, but there are delicious snacks typical of London pubs. It's really worth stopping for a drink and checking out the decoration, which is also an attraction!

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I have no doubt that you will have unforgettable days. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and we'll be happy to answer them!

Safe travel and enjoy this amazing place!

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