Best ski Resorts In Aspen


Today BitBook will show you another great destination, so prepare your passport, travel insurance,backpacks and suitcases for an unforgettable trip to Aspen.

The city of Aspen is a very famous destination among ski lovers, due to its several ski stations, privileged slopes and the local powder snow.

The city usually attracts tourists from all over the world, mainly celebrities, who travel in the winter season to visit the 4 ski resorts, Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk, in addition to taking the opportunity to stay in the luxury resorts in the region.

If you like to venture into snow sports, Aspen will be a full-fledged destination. Find out more about Skiing in Aspen and its 4 ski resorts!

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Aspen mountain

Aspen Mountain station, also known as Ajax, is the “mountain of the city”, as it is located in the center of the city, between Aspen Mountain and Bell Mountain, and has hosted several world championships.

It was the first station to be founded, in 1946, and since the beginning it has become a major attraction, due to its beautiful mountain landscape and its challenging slopes, which attract medium and advanced level athletes.

All of its slopes are of intermediate and advanced level, not having slopes for beginners. It has 103 km of track and 76 trails, the longest trail being 4.8 km, and has access to the Silver Queen Gondola.

As it is located in the city center, it has several restaurants to enjoy American cuisine, such as Sundeck, Ajax Tavern, Element 47 and Bonnie’s Restaurant.



Snowmass is the tallest of Aspen's four mountains, standing at 12,000 feet (3,810 m) and offering over 3,000 square feet of ski terrain.

Founded in 1967, it is now considered one of the most complete ski resorts in the USA, due to its high-level infrastructure, which includes restaurants, shops and luxury hotels.

Its slopes allow beginners and experts to venture through them, sliding on its powder snow, which is a soft snow, and having access to 24 means of elevation, such as gondolas, cable cars and elevators, including the Snowmass Cirque Platter.

In addition to the slopes, Snowmass also has 2 hafpipes and snow parks, for those who like to vary their sports.

Dining options in the area are quite varied and you can dine with mountain views at Elk Camp, Lynn Britt Cabin, Ullrhof, Sam's Smokehouse, Gwyn's, Gwyn's High Alpine, Up 4 Pizza and Two Creeks Café.

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Aspen Highlands

Aspen HighLands is known for its wild and independent style, being initially founded in 1958 as a standalone property of Whipple Van Ness “Whip” Jones, being purchased years later by the Aspen Skiing Company.

It is the favorite station for professional skiers, due to the Highland Bow, an area exclusively for specialists, with steep slopes and no lines. Including the Highland Bow, it has 135 km of slopes, the longest of which is 5.6 km.

It features the 1962 Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro restaurant and elevator, as well as other restaurants such as the Merry-Go-Round, which sits in the middle of the mountains, and the Highlands Ale House, located at its base.

Its summit has a beautiful and famous view, having even been the setting for the movie “Aspen – Money, Seduction and Danger”, from 1993.


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