Marrakech - Morocco


Today BitBook will show you another great destination, so prepare your passport, travel insurance,backpacks and suitcases for an unforgettable trip to Marrakech.

Morocco is an Arab country that offers an immersive exotic experience for tourists, especially in the lands of Marrakech.

Known as the Red City, due to its monuments and reddish houses, Marrakech hides an unparalleled beauty, with its many gardens, narrow alleys, colorful stalls, historic monuments and a surreal landscape.

Marrakech has a cultural wealth unlike any other destination you've ever seen, promising unforgettable days and a unique trip, to experience and feel in your skin what Moroccan life is like.

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The heart of Marrakech is located in the Medina, where Moroccan roots lie. To enter the place, you will have to go through Bab Agnaou, the main gate of Medina, which was built in the reign of the Almohad caliph Yacub Almançor.

Medina can be defined as a labyrinth of streets, with several narrow alleys and scattered shops, with its various souks and stalls with spices, exotic foods, colorful fabrics, jewelry, ceramics and various other spices.

For those who enjoy shopping, walking through the souks will be very pleasant, with the opportunity to buy Moroccan handicrafts and throughout the day to taste the local cuisine.

Jemaa el-Fna square

Jemaa el-Fna Square is one of the most famous squares in Marrakesh and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the old days, the square was used to execute criminals, who had their heads exposed in the middle of the square.

But nowadays, it has become an artistic spot, where you can find snake charmers, dancers, acrobats, henna tattoo artists, storytellers, musicians outdoors.

The square is very busy and there is no shortage of attractions and traditional markets for you to discover, delving even deeper into the culture of Marrakech.

The best part is that there are many stalls where you can try Moroccan cuisine, such as couscous, one of the most typical foods in Morocco, méchoui, a meat skewer seasoned with pepper, beghrir, a honey pancake based on a local recipe, bastila , a puff pastry pie and much more!


Dar Si Said Museum

The Dar Si Said Museum, also called the Museum of Moroccan Arts, was the first museum in Marrakech, built in an old palace from the 19th century and which still houses a large collection of works of Berber culture.

It has wonderful gardens and the courtyards of the museum are painted and filled with colorful tiles. Inside, the rooms display beautiful old tapestries, handicrafts, weapons and objects from past centuries.

A visit to the museum is an interesting surprise and well worth it, to learn more about the history of the ancient powers and be able to see their fantastic architecture up close.

Bahia Palace

One of the most visited monuments by tourists is the Bahia Palace, which was built in the 19th century with the aim of being “the greatest palace in the world and of all time”.

Despite having been surpassed by other palaces in the world in terms of size, the Bahia Palace remains an intriguing place to visit.

The palace, which previously belonged to Amade ibn Musa, was completely plundered and emptied after his death, by his wives and slaves who inhabited the place. Even though it is empty, the building still maintains its beautiful decoration, with its giant columns, its yellow and blue patio, and its garden full of aromatic plants.

El Badi Palace

The ruins of El Badi Palace are another monument that deserves your attention when visiting Marrakech.

Built in the 16th century, the palace took more than 15 years to be fully erected, with its construction made with the most expensive materials of the time, such as gold and onyx. It has over 300 rooms, all decorated in crystal, turquoise and gold.

After being looted and abandoned by Sultan Moulay Ismail, the palace ended up in decline and was in ruins, but it is still possible to find the courtyard and some rooms. In one of the rooms, you can even see the artwork of the minbar (pulpit) of the Koutoubia mosque.


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