Medieval Festival of Torre de Moncorvo - Portugal


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Every year, the municipality of Torre de Moncorvo, located in the district of Bragança, northeast of Portugal, takes a trip back in time to remember the traditions and celebrations of medieval times with the Medieval Fair of Torre de Moncorvo. Portugal has many stories of kings, queens and knights and Moncorvo has several of them.

Dom Dinis was the king responsible for elevating Moncorvo to the status of village, in 1285, and is always the great honoree of the festival. He encouraged the settlement and economic exploitation of this region and for that he is recognized until today. 


The municipality of Torre de Moncorvo is part of the Alto Douro Wine Region and, therefore, in addition to medieval architecture, it holds incredible landscapes of Portuguese vineyards. In the historic center, we find a village that still retains characteristics of past centuries, with small houses, manor houses, the ruins of an old fortification and the imposing church of Nossa Senhora da Assunção, completed in the early 17th century. Moncorvo is a small village to be explored on foot! But it has many interesting places to discover, such as the Iron Museum and the various shops selling local products.

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Throughout the historic center of the village, where just over 8,000 inhabitants live today, there are tents, activities and artistic presentations. The performances are worthy of a movie and it's super interesting to hear the medieval music and instruments. This year, there were 11 entertainment spaces and 13 thematic areas, including Largo das Artes e Ofícios Medievais; Blacksmiths; Medieval village; Merchants, Artisans and Mystics; Medieval Taverns; Military Camp; Military Experience Camp; scythe; Lice; Stables and Horseback Rides Through the Streets of Burgo; Exhibition Memories that Make History; Medieval Camp – Children's Space; Animal farm; Street Entertainment and Shows.

The Medieval Fair of Torre de Moncorvo starts in the morning and only ends in the middle of the night. On the streets, local residents and those from neighboring regions laugh, have fun, eat and drink and, mainly, incorporate the essence of the time by dressing up in typical costumes. A true resident of Moncorvo has at least one medieval outfit stored in the closet. But, for those who don't have their look, the event offers a wardrobe, where it is possible to rent nobility or “people's” costumes for one, two or three days of the fair.

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When it's time for lunch or dinner, the visitor has the option of choosing the gastronomic area, with taverns and traditional foods of the period, or one of the local taverns and restaurants, which are also preparing to receive the participants of the party.

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