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Glamping In Brazil


Today BitBook will show you another great destination, so prepare your passport, travel insurance,backpacks and suitcases for an unforgettable trip to Brazil.

Are you looking for a trip connected with nature, intimate, romantic, wild, but without leaving aside the luxuries of modern life? Believe me, it is possible to unite all of this. Get to know glamping, find out what it is and where you can camp comfortably in Brazil.

What is glamping?

That's what you read. To camp. But don't think it's having trouble, sleeping uncomfortable and needing to cook on a portable grill. Glamping, the word that unites “glamor” with “camping”, is the perfect combination for those who want contact with nature, but do not give up comfort.

Incidentally, that word comfort is what prevents many travelers from having an immersive experience in nature. If you recognize yourself as not camping due to lack of comfort, glamping will put an end to your problems. It is a wonderful style of accommodation that aims to bring you closer to nature, bringing all the benefits of a good hotel room structure.


What is glamping like?

Anyone who thinks glamping is only done in big tents is wrong. Its main characteristic is to be a small rustic accommodation in nature, but it can come in several formats: tents, domes, tree houses and trailers are some of the most common examples.

You will also find several infrastructures in this style of hosting. Examples: a great bed, food included, kitchen, internet, energy, internal bathroom with a bathtub or even a hot tub. There are different options, for different values.

What is the difference between camping and glamping?

The two modalities are really quite different, with the only similarity being that they are small accommodations immersed in nature. So here are the main differences:

What is the difference between camping and glamping?

The two modalities are really quite different, with the only similarity being that they are small accommodations immersed in nature. So here are the main differences:


You carry your tent

The tent is basically for sleeping.

No energy

Usually without thermal protection

Known to be a cheap hosting option


The structure is already assembled

It has an external view, comfort to relax and even a bathroom.

It is common to have power, sockets and even internet

Usually with thermal protection

It can be the same price or more expensive than a hotel


Is Glamping a more sustainable hosting?

Sustainable tourism is booming and many travelers are becoming more and more aware of the impacts our lifestyle has on nature. It is no wonder that accommodation in natural surroundings is on the rise.

But here's some interesting information that may be a prank for many people. Glamping is not always more sustainable accommodation. This is because, despite being in nature, there are several points that, unfortunately, many glampings are not considering, such as:

garbage separation


water capture

Sewage treatment

Incentive to local and organic agriculture

Use of natural products in hosting

Protection of native forest and animals in the region

Cooperation with the local community

And I'll tell you a secret: the closer we are to nature, the more careful we need to be. In small cities, the structure to deal with garbage, sewage and other problems of modern life is much smaller than in big cities. However, to our delight, yes, there are glampings with very inviting sustainable initiatives throughout Brazil and these are the ones we are going to bring to you today.


Where to go glamping in Brazil

You can find glampings all over Brazil, in all regions. To help you, BitBook made a list of ecological and super differentiated glampings:

Rio Grande do Sul

Parador – Cambará do Sul

To open our list, we start with an elegant glamping in the magnificent region of canyons of Cambará do Sul. As a luxury camping option they have the Casulo, the Bungalow, the Suite Tent and the Luxury Tent. All rooms (except the Luxury Tent) have a whirlpool.

Accompanying the refinement of the room, the structure of the hotel has a refined kitchen and tours such as flying in a hot air balloon. You can also keep an eye on the culinary immersions that take place throughout the year.

São Paulo

Flying – Atibaia

The Voador is an incredible ecological project where, by chance, you can also stay. Or is it a hosting with an ecological project? In this case, the order of the factors does not change the result.

This glamping is a beautiful place to connect with nature in comfort, but also go further, taking advantage of the program of intentional connection with nature, through guided journeys, planting and harvesting in the garden, forays into the forest and other activities.

As a room you will find between trailer, dome, tent or bungalows. It's a great place to go with kids, but it's also great for couples looking for romance. All accommodation options include expenses for the full journey: full board (breakfast, lunch, picnic, dinner), accommodation and activities.

Amanita – Campos do Jordão

Amanita is a charming and intimate option in one of the most romantic cities in São Paulo. The property is within an environmental preservation area and its manager is a permaculture student.

The accommodation option is in wooden huts, completely dry construction, without any intervention in the native land and also with off grid solar energy. They are small and cozy, they have a sliding glass wall that opens onto a wooden deck, with a view of the Araucaria forest.


Now that you've got all the tips, all you have to do is set up the itinerary, choose the accommodation using BITBOOK.NET, pack your suitcase and throw yourself into the charm of this amazing place.

I have no doubt that you will have unforgettable days. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and we'll be happy to answer them!

Safe travel and enjoy this amazing place!

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