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What is BitBook?

BitBook is an online travel platform powered by the blockchain . Users can generate passive income by performing different activities or interactions with the site, such as booking travel, referring friends, creating content, and even staking their BBT to earn more BBT .

What are BitBook Rewards?

BitBook has several different reward pools for users to generate multiple streams of income. For example, travelers get paid for booking travel. Likewise, influencers can earn BBT for referring friends, family, colleagues, and their network to BitBook . The influencer gets paid in BBT from the influencer pool when anyone signs up under their referral link. In addition, a whole content creation platform will launch, and creators who publish awesome content will earn BitBook tokens as rewards from the creator’s pool. So then, if you want your BBT toearn more, BBT stake it and put your BBT to work for you!

When do I get my rewards?

BitBook will distribute rewards between the 25th - 30th of each month for rewards earned in the month prior. All rewards are paid after revenue is collected and not collected until the stay has been completed.

Example Book & Earn: In April, you book a room for seven nights in July. In July, you complete your stay, and in August you can claim your rewards. Example Invite & Earn: In May, you refer someone, and they sign up. Then in July, they book a room for three days in August. Finally, they complete their stay in August, and you receive referral rewards in September.

How do I claim my rewards?

The claiming function for rewards is currently undergoing rigorous security testing and auditing and will be available 30 days post-launch. You will be able to view your rewards before that, but the claiming function is not yet ready.

What is BBT?

BBT is the cryptocurrency powering the BitBook reward program. BitBook is a next-generation crypto project that has incorporated tokenomics designed for growth. BitBook is on a mission to disrupt the travel industry, and the BBT token plays an integral role in the disruption. It is the vehicle that enables such a robust travel ecosystem.

What can I do with my BBT tokens?

BitBook tokens or BBT are a cryptocurrency listed on CoinMarketCap . You can store them in a wallet, you can trade BBT on an exchange , or you can sell them for fiat currency. You can also invest your BBT by staking them and earning a competitive APR. Or, you can even gift them to others. You can read the BitBook whitepaper or visit our Telegram to chat live with the community and team for complete information.

What is Book & Earn?

Book & Earn is the travel reward program for anyone that books travel using the BitBook travel platform . The Book & Earn program will run for 20 years and will pay out 540,000 BBT every month to travelers who book hotels, flights, and car rentals on the platform. The BBT payouts will be proportional to the amount of revenue generated from your booking. In addition, you can track your earnings on your BitBook dashboard .

How much is the total rewards pool for Book & Earn?

540,000 BBT monthly from December 2021 to December 2041 or 20 years!

What is Invite & Earn?

The Invite & Earn program is the BitBook affiliate program designed for influencers to refer traffic to the BitBook travel platform and earn commissions on their referrals for the next 20 years. When you refer someone to the platform and sign up, you make the referral commission from the Invite & Earn BBT Reward Pool every time they book.

Where can I find my BitBook referral link?

Sign in to the BitBook Platform and select the Invite & Earntab in your Personal Information section. From here, you can copy and paste the link to send directly, you can input email addresses for referrals, or you can share the link directly through a variety of social media channels. The more places you share the link, the more BBT you can earn as passive income over the next two decades.

How many people have I referred?

To see how many people you have referred, you can check the registered user’s tab on your dashboard`s Invite & Earn page.

When do I get paid for referring people?

BBT rewards will be distributed monthly between the 25th and 30th of the month. You will make a commission the month following completed bookings by your referrals.

How much will I make for referring people?

The influencer reward pool is 260,416 BBT monthly. When someone you refer books and completes their travel, you will receive the commission the following month. The percentage of the pool you receive will be directly proportional to the amount of commission your referred bookings generate versus others in the pool. The value of BBT will change over time; however, the number of tokens will not. So you can calculate the number of tokens and check the most current price of BBT on your favorite charting tool like FTX, formerly Blockfolio.

Do you have a Press Kit?

Yes, logo and usage guidelines can be found here.

What is Create & Earn?

Create & Earn is the reward program for the content creation platform. When V2 launches this December, content creators, travelers and influencers can upload travel content in images, videos, and travel articles. With this feature, the BitBook platform will enable travel bloggers to have an additional platform to promote and monetize their content , generating passive income by earning BBT .

When will Create & Earn be live?

The content creation platform will go live in version 2 and is expected to be ready by year-end.

What are the requirements for Create & Earn?

Complete guidelines for content creation will be published closer to the time of launch. Sign up for an account now or follow our blog with notifications turned on to stay updated on new program launches.

How do I contact BitBook support?

For general chat and community inquiries join BitBook Telegram

For travel-related questions, contact Customer Service using the contact form or

Call toll-free from within the US Customer Support Phone: +18774777441

What payment methods are accepted at BitBook?

All major credit cards are accepted, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Can I pay with Crypto?

Right now, you may not pay with crypto directly. However, you can pay with crypto by using the crypto.com credit card, and you can contribute $25 toward revenue to buy back and burn BBT by applying for the card using Nick, the CEO’s reference link to crypto.com

Earn $25 & Burn BBT: 🔥🔥https://crypto.com/app/rhxudwzcps🔥🔥